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[column size=”4″ class=””][resume_box icon=”speech43″ icon_color=”blue” title=”Who am I?”]Conscientious and professional IT developer with extensive experience in mobile technologies and familiar with web development atmosphere, A highly organized and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to projects has yielded excellent results.

A certified trainer that had conducted many courses and workshops in different training centers, and willing to keep improving myself and seeking more challenges.

[/resume_box][resume_box icon=”open79″ icon_color=”green” title=”Skills & Attributes”] [skill title=”Front End Development” experience=”4″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”green”] [skill title=”Mobile Cross Platform” experience=”3″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”blue”] [skill title=”Training & Instructing” experience=”4″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”red”] [skill title=”Game Development and Augmented Reality” experience=”2″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”orange”] [skill title=”Media Designing & Production” experience=”3″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”green”] [skill title=”Google Adwords” experience=”3″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”blue”] [skill title=”Public Speaking” experience=”3″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”yellow”] [/resume_box][/column] [column size=”4″ class=”col-md-6″][resume_box icon=”mouse19″ icon_color=”red” title=”My Specialties”][specialty icon=”bulb11″ title=”Digital Marketing”]Steer the ambitions with Google Partnership[/specialty][specialty icon=”codings1″ title=”Front-End Web Development”]Great, modern website designs.[/specialty][specialty icon=”document56″ title=”E-Commerce & Digital Marketing”]Practitioner with proven records[/specialty][/resume_box] [resume_box icon=”document56″ icon_color=”yellow” title=”Career & Jobs”] [timeline] [timeline_event title=”KWN Education” subtitle=”Instructor” period=”Jan 2017 – Current”] [timeline_event title=”CH9″ subtitle=”Mentor” period=”Sep 2016 – Current”] [timeline_event title=”Oriental Press” subtitle=”Project Coordinator & Product Manager” period=”Jul 2016 – Current”] [timeline_event title=”Oriental Press” subtitle=”Software Developer Developer” period=”Jun 2015 – Current”] [timeline_event title=”Training Centers” subtitle=”Professional Trainer & Instructor” period=”Feb 2015 – Current”] [timeline_event title=”My Media W.L.L.” subtitle=”Business Developer” period=”Sep 2014 – Jun 2015″] [/timeline][/resume_box][/column] [column size=”4″ class=”col-md-6″][resume_box icon=”chat25″ icon_color=”orange” title=”Languages”] [skill title=”English” experience=”4″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”orange”] [skill title=”Arabic” experience=”4″ maxexperience=”4″ color=”orange”] [/resume_box][resume_box icon=”joystick4″ icon_color=”violet” title=”Education & Certificates”][interests] [interest_item title=”MSc in Marketing “] [interest_item title=”MA in Strategic Marketing (Digital Marketing and Social Media)”] [interest_item title=”Certified Microsoft Innovator Educator”] [interest_item title=”IBM Blockchain Essentials”] [interest_item title=”DMI Digital Marketing Certified Trainer”] [interest_item title=”Google The Online Marketing Fundamentals”] [interest_item title=”Google Analytics Certification”] [interest_item title=”DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing”] [interest_item title=”Google Certified Educator Level 1″] [interest_item title=”Google Adwords Fundamentals”] [interest_item title=”Google AdWords Search Certification”] [interest_item title=”Diploma in Digital Marketing”] [interest_item title=”CIW Certified Instructor (CI)”] [interest_item title=”CIW E-commerce Specialist”] [interest_item title=”CIW Web Design Professional”] [interest_item title=”CIW Web Design Specialist”] [interest_item title=”Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist”] [interest_item title=”MCPS: Microsoft Certified Professional”] [interest_item title=”MCTS: Windows 7″] [interest_item title=”MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure”] [interest_item title=”Staffordshire University Bsc. Information Technology”]




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