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//Blog – Customer Management Process

1 Customer Management Process Amazon became an art of state for E-Commerce, occupying the first place ahead of JD and Alibaba, and with greater positions a greater responsibility comes along, to retain the users and build better customer relations. 1.1 CRM Amazon built a successful CRM which enabled them to serve the customers without the need for human interference at most, the bias for automating the process was tailored based on the most frequent scenarios, start..

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The Manifesto of Digital Marketing

Responding to several questions from my colleagues and students, I decided to write a declaration of my point of view for the Digital Marketing and how it does influence the industries. Prologue in Digital Marketing The growth of the Digital need been rose over the last year the we are hitting a level of maturity of how to perceive the e-changes in regards of marketing, especially in the commercial sector where had an awareness of the benefits of utilizing the current d..

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International Trademark Application Guide (also in arabic)

May 16, 2017Category : General

This blog is a reference for how to apply to an International Trademark, the content below is exactly as been received from Bahrain Ministry of Commerce; the second part is to apply in Bahrain and it is in arabic version only. please find below the steps of how to get  an international TM registration plus the way to download the international application form (MM2), for further inquires you may contact: Fatima Alkhaja Tel: +973 17574836| Fax: +973..

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