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//The Manifesto of Digital Marketing

The Manifesto of Digital Marketing

Responding to several questions from my colleagues and students, I decided to write a declaration of my point of view for the Digital Marketing and how it does influence the industries.

Prologue in Digital Marketing

The growth of the Digital need been rose over the last year the we are hitting a level of maturity of how to perceive the e-changes in regards of marketing, especially in the commercial sector where had an awareness of the benefits of utilizing the current digital channels and get better Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI); The major flip toss coin is the way of practicing the digital marketing is going wild and insane, or I can describe it by wrong and the advertisers does not pay attention for many consideration points, which I will highlight briefly.



Digital marketing is a game where you do not compete only against your competitors, but even against platforms and online community, unlike the traditional form of distributing your message, now it is all about the area you will give to the audience to know about you, how to know about you, why they should know about you.

Playing smart and wise could be the dice that make you click the fortune, sometimes simple 30 second ad can over perform $1m campaign in the long run, so find out where are the buttons you need to click.


Business culture

The culture that will encompasses the values of your business and how you are dealing with norms and behaviors, alongside the activities you are practicing digitally to align your campaigns with the attitude of the consumer, it is a key component for a strategic direction to acquire the audience attention and jump from awareness stage to a consideration stage.



It is the cocktail of paying attention for your current and existing customers, to your new and potential customers, this require a mixture of skills that involves an emotional intelligence to align your objectives; this diversification will can impact even the channels you are using like SEO, Paid, Social Media, Email and others, and you will end up using the most effective tools that can lead to an enhancement in the relationships with the customers.



It is all about the customer, do always provide what they need, and solve their problems, find out what makes them happy with your product and service, highlight these needs clearly in your ads and answer their question “Why do I need this?”.

David Robertson wrote in his book “Brick By Brick” about how lego centered their focus on their main consumers, THE KIDS! starting by recruiting them to know what characters they favored to play as legos, and continuously seeking their feedback to market their products.


Buyer Experience

It may vary your understanding for buyer experience based on your field, the customers in digital channels have different experiences for how to deal with vendors, for instance the payout by credit or cash on delivery, throughout my own experience in the e-commerce and being online, I found out many people still not aware about their capability to settle their orders using their bank card, and many still afraid of getting fraud and scammed and lack of knowledge, do not try to resolve these issues, because it is time-tied and better to keep your focus on what are the best practices you can provide, and can “highlight” in your messages for the consumers.


Be different, be relevant

Going back to 2007 when Dropbox launched their public platform for storage, Microsoft was waiting there with their OneDrive solution, and yet they could not stand against the startup cloud company, they was different and their selling points were unique, moreover their marketing was relevant for what a consumers need and they could pinpoint the problems with the people and offer a proper solution.



It is the seamless experience across all the channels with real and true integration, users will see about their previous activities whether it was in Mobile, Tablets or Desktops, it can even customized and tailored based on your location with taken into consideration other factors which make the user transparent with all other transactions, this has to be well marketed and give it some spotlights to make it clear for users.



Think of different formats of the ads, do not limit yourself to just text or banners, try videos, 360 video perhaps and see how it does work, if you can invest some pennies why not initiate an interactive format with Augmented Reality and distinguish yourself? The advertisement industry is quite big and had big space for creativity, so just go on and be different.


Self-adoption and automation

One of the main factor to have regular followers is to establish your tone, it might not be easy in the beginning to know about our followers personas but it will take to to make them adopt you and you adjust yourself based on what they want, another component that will be useful for your digital marketing campaigns is to automate some processes, things related to content scheduling or platforms integrations will be useful, because it can guarantee giving the users consistent content based on your plans, you can try Crowdfire as an example.


Technology and technical disciplines

Always follow UX\UI principles in your system, but coming to your marketing sometimes there are some values and disciplines that you need to consider, like do not use QR code into your social media post, how do you expect the user to scan while he’s using the phone itself? Also another thing I have noticed is using URL shortener tools while they do not pay attention for case sensitivity which leads for an invalid links.





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