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//Technopreneur vs Chicken Nuggets

Technopreneur vs Chicken Nuggets

Trends shaping the future .. this is what social media reflecting for the reality that the entrepreneurs can find best investment today in technology industry, the verity is a bit resisting these new projects and startups as corporations are getting affected and left behind this rapid changes; this what at least we can conclude from Uber and Airbnb.

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Entrepreneurs in Middle East

Middle east been incubator for many corporations and businesses, the number of business accelerators are massive with an equity of $30,000 up to $ 1m that are available across all MENA, as stated in many pitching sessions that most of these are just a sketchup ideas and end with an investment, mentor and few other resources to launch with. Recently I have met and attended with few business accelerators and I was amazed by the efforts spent on this industry, and it looked the venture capital environment is on control.

Leadership is about giving credit

Yesterday I was at conference for entrepreneurs held in the capital of the kingdom, an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader Ms. Nina Vaca was the keynote speaker, she had an inspirational story that I would recommend all to read how she established her own billion US dollars company that called Pinnacle, anyhow she said a good statement indicate for the depth of experience she had, “Leadership is about giving credit”, all philosophies stating the same thing, pass the credit and take the blame, they sustain the fellows and strengthen the bonds with the surrounding community, it means you are appreciating and considering the tiny and small contributions and invest in their emotions.

The key element with leadership is influencing, majority do not enjoy their work so give them a reason to stay and enjoy, more than the reason of chase the money, many fail to fulfill this characteristic and turn on a manager who just run the company according to his or her hierarchical position.

Become a magnet

Some persons have built-in repel, while other can behave like a magnet, these can be counted and bundled with the communication skills, the body gesture, eye contact, face expressions, words of mouth and etc .., becoming an entrepreneur is not possessing an engineer mind, you need to become proactive, social-activist, energetic and deal with people, not just by emails or free WhatsApp messages but by knocking doors, inviting people for outdoors, and surround yourself with an atmosphere of successful mindsets. Many people raise millions because of their social network and they could achieve an exceptional results by standing on the shoulders of other successful people.

Do your part

Being in charge with an C-level executive position is great and makes you feel WOW, but in your organization it might be not, getting funds and form team of few folks doesn’t end your tasks and making you earning millions, you need to be aware about all their fields and their works, yes understand coding, learn finance, involved with human resources, practice some sales and marketing, and realize how can you manage this matrix, DON’T involve yourself into their day-to-day job or how they are doing it because it’s their game not your battlefield.

Some may not be up to such changes and stick to their degree title only, but opportunities may not be in your field and the change will start the moment you know when and where to hit, as the famous quote says “Luck favors prepared minds” (or fortune in different sayings), you can work in Information Technology company but have to implement a project for Security company, if I was outdated and off the pitch I will provide them a regular typical and similar product to the on-shelves products, on the other hand if I was aware about security breaches, technologies, tools, techniques and all of these, I might be ending of proposing for the world a new security system that can change the world.

Fintech phenomena

Investors realized that technology is the new game, it’s no longer a game of real estate or production or establishing a huge manufacturers, today its the era of technologies, the statistics and numbers are obvious and some technological giants could make and earn more than oil and petroleum companies, never estimate any technology service or mobile app because you’ll never know how it will perform, especially when they can make the “Addiction feeling” for the consumer for an apps like Clash of Clans or Tinder, they are making millions over millions with no stoping.

So yes, do hesitate to enable the technology into your field, global investment into fintech reached more than $2 billions been invested this year into fintech, whether it was finance startup, budgeting app, money remittance service; people want to utilize every penny or save it so give them what they need. One of my colleagues told me once that the future will be within insurance an reinsurance companies, their financial advisory services are much valuable.

Don’t sell your company by brochures

Or by just hiring a digital marketing expert and ask him “Hey, I want to be on all google ads” and you expect to hit your 1 million USD that quick, relying on marketing people will not give you the outstanding results, great entrepreneurs don’t just dream about idea and they spark it in the morning, Walt Disney was knocking door after door and went from failure to another failure and he was carrying the his dream on his shoulders, and so of many others business leaders they go outside inspire people, polish their dreams, create demand on them from nothing this is how it supposed to work.


My first business class in the college they was teaching us the invention and innovation, it is not about bringing something already in the market, it is about adding something new, bringing a different feature, making it unique, add a value for it, I’m meeting some teens everyday having an idea in their minds and dreaming about becoming young millionaires, another miniature of Mark Zuckerberg, but the fact is they don’t have a developer clear purpose for what problem they want to solve, or the other reason for why they don’t succeed is they are not original, they just want to duplicate the idea of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Angry Birds without thinking about any alternative unique way.

Chief Executives Officers can’t be born

You might be lucky to have wealthy family, you just wake up and find some millions waiting your finger signal, unfortunately most of us are not, we have to work hard and earn hard this is how it will works, the fact is it is like a stairs that you have to make your own progression, you have to step one after another, it is not just by burning more years into your same cold office, but by developing your knowledge vault and adding more skills to your profile and by keep expanding your LinkedIn profile, knowledge is on-the-air and the number of free resources that can give free reliable knowledge is enormous and even with certificates, the initiatives I can see today for online learning is uncountable all what the dreamer have to do is to grab the apple and start bitting from it.

I will be writing following this post my own experience with the technopreneur(s) and an experience I would to share . .

P.S.: The title just reflecting how the technical entrepreneurs shall behave and the opposite of the fat-lazy people “Chicken Nuggets”.


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