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// March 2014

Mobile Development Best Practices

Many developers start developing Mobile applications where they came from Desktop platforms and remain using same practices and techniques to develop and code specifically to reserve CPU, memory, power and network resources ; here is an enhanced experience optimised for best coding for the Mobile world.   General   Simple Application : Mobile applications shall remain simple limited for few activities per screen without the complexity in the interacti..

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The Concept of Data Warehouse

  Data Warehouse term usually pop-up with the trends of Database, Data mining, knowledge or Artificial intelligence; in fact they are related in does indicate to the same domain; so what is Data Warehouse ?     Data Warehouse Data Warehouse is a collection of data used to support the decision making process. It is another database with a high volume of data capacity which it does have a concise, integrated and summarized data. Features That is..

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[Visual Studio] How To Change Windows Form Icon

Many of us do some fancy applications using Visual Studio and usually what we get is the windows default icon, so here down an illustration for how to change the icon. First step open the project solution then in the top with the tabs open Project > project_name Properties -last option-. Second Step You will find this window appear for you, find below Resources group container Icon field, click on the button beside to browse.   Third Step Windows browser w..

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