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// February 2014

Project Ara PhoneBloks && The Future Insights

Six months ago a geek from somewhere appeared in his own YouTube channel and made a nice and lovely montage about having united modular phone by making a template board (base) can attach phone blocks as the hardware components on in by pins (figures in bottom). Well I still remember giving like to the video and support this thinker to invent something new and out of the box and yes after all he made it Dave Hakkens got his sponsorship from Google’s Motorola to establish ..

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Mobile Cross-Platform .. Friend or Foe

The mobile development now days became more challenging with the exciting number of Smart Phone holder that exceeded 3.4 billion user in 2013; this led the developers to come up with a diverse solutions for the developing and designing for the Mobile platforms.       Concurrently Android is taking the lead of the market share beside other competitors like iOS, Windows Phone and BB OS (BBX), not to forget other breathable OS for the mobile su..

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